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Automatic test press TP-1-1000 (two ranges of 20/100 tons)

Determination of the compressive strength and splitting strength of samples of building materials: concrete, brick, cinder block and other materials. Full automatic testing: supply, maintenance of force growth, withdrawal, calculation of all parameters according to GOST.

490,000 RUB/pcs.
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The press performs the following operations:
  • Determination of the strength of concrete cubes with a rib length: 70 mm, 100 mm, 150 mm, according to GOST 10180-2012;
  • Determination of the compressive strength of concrete cylinders with a diameter of: 70 mm, 100 mm; 150 mm; 200 mm; 250 mm, according to GOST 10180-2012;
  • Determination of the tensile strength when splitting concrete cubes, with a rib length: 100mm; 150mm, according to GOST 10180-2012;
  • Determination of the tensile strength of concrete during bending and splitting of prisms of square cross-section, dimensions: 70x70x280; 100x100x400mm, 150x150x600mm, 200x200x800, according to GOST 10180-2012;
  • Determination of the compressive strength of bricks according to GOST 8462;
  • Determination of the crushing capacity of crushed stone for compression in molds with a diameter of 75 mm, 155 mm, according to GOST 8269.0-97;
  • Determination of the compressive strength of cinder blocks;

Technical and metrological characteristics:
  • Measuring range: from 20 kN to 1000 kN (from 2 to 100 tons);
  • Force growth rate: from 1 kN/s to 20 kN/s;
  • Measurement accuracy: ±1%;
  • Diameter of pressure plates: 220 mm;
  • Vertical clearance: 320 mm;
  • Piston stroke: 100 mm;
  • Dimensions (H/W/D): 1100/580/350 mm;
  • Power supply voltage: 220 Volts/50Hz
  • Power consumption: 1 kW.;
  • Weight: 460 kg.;
  • Automatic computer control, 19-inch color screen;
  • Automatic processing of results;
  • Free consultation, 1-year warranty repair, commissioning;
  • Entered into the State Register of measuring instruments of the Russian Federation.

Registration number in the State Register of Measuring Instruments No. 60244-15

Functional features:
  • Automatic sample feed and touch;
  • Automatic output to the set speed of force growth;
  • Automatic maintenance of the power growth rate;
  • Automatic determination of the moment of destruction of the sample;
  • "CLEAN" test mode, destruction without fragments;
  • Automatic removal to the initial position of the lower movable plate;
  • Automatic execution of all the listed functions, with one click of the "START" button.

  • Press-1 pc.
  • Control unit -1 pc.
  • On-screen display - 1 pc.
  • Push-button keyboard - 1 pc.
  • Network power cable - 1 pc.
  • Spacer - 3 pcs.
  • User manual. Passport. 427121-002-17690167-2014-REP - 1 copy.
  • Verification method. 427121-002-17690167-2014-MP - 1 copy.
  • Certificate of verification;
  • Type approval certificate

The software provides a full range of verification services and assistance in conducting tests, according to the most common methods listed above standards.
At the request of the customer, for FREE! the required type of test is entered into the program.